Referral program

Officially registered company in the UK in 2018
Become An Investor
5% First level
2% Second level
1% Third level

$300 Bonus

Every time sales reach $5,000, from the 1st day of the month to the end of the month, an automatic bonus of $300 is received

$1000 Bonus

When sales reach $50,000 this month, an additional bonus of $1,000 is transferred to your account

What does the Referral Program offer to registered members and investors?

First of all, it’s the possibility to create own 3-level referral structure and to make money on every level for each deposit made by all the referrals of your referral structure.

Secondly, your income from the Referral Program does not depend on you having or not having your own deposit in the investment program. It means that if a user wishes to begin using the benefits of our Referral Program, it is enough for them to register a personal account to receive their unique referral link for inviting new members into the program.

In the third place, every investor you invited will be locked as a member of you referral structure for good, since upline change is impossible. Therefore, your committed work on building your own partner structure is guaranteed to bring you profit on condition of stable investments and re-investments by your referrals.

How much can I earn using the advantages of the Referral Program?

You receive 5% of the deposit made by your 1st level referral in the currency that they used when investing.

You have a chance to receive 2% of the investment sum deposited by your 2nd level referral in the currency that they used when investing.

You will receive 1% of investments every time your 3rd level referrals will be depositing assets. Like in previous cases, referral remuneration is available in the currency that your referrals used to make an investment.

Therefore, every registered member may earn up to 8% from their referrals’ investments thanks to their referral structure. Overall, this is an opportunity to receive permanent income that is not limited by anything on condition that there is stable work with new program members and promotion of values, commercial offers and the website of the program on the Internet and in other mass media.

Our team believes in their professionalism and experience. We do our best to make our customers satisfied with results, so they could say: TRUST INVEST Finance Group Limited is OUR RELIABLE PARTNER IN THE WORLD OF FINANCE!

Legal Information: TRUST INVEST FGL is the trade name of TRUST INVEST Finance Group Limited registered in the jurisdiction of England and Wales under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company number 11166999 (located at 85 Court Road Tottenham, London, United Kingdom, W1T 4TQ).

TRUST INVEST Finance Group Limited is listed in the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales. These countries are not offshore jurisdictions and are not included in the "black lists" of countries which do not exchange tax information.

The activities of TRUST INVEST Finance Group Limited are governed by the Companies Act 2006, common law and rule of equity.

Risk Warning: Investing in margin financial instruments carries a high risk and can bring both profit and loss.